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It's not all Barn Owls

Look at this beautiful Stoat kit. We are involved in wildlife rescue, working with an amazing group of wildlife rescuers and rehabilitation experts. When the call came in to the WRI Wildlife Hospital. Our group took over All independent licensed wildlife rescuers and rehabilitation experts that work together to help wildlife #TheRescuesquad . Stating with @Wildlife West rescue in sligo spent 2. 5 hours on the road to pick it up from the lady that had it. Then the Barn Owl project picked it up from them driving for 2 hours . We held it over night feeding, it every few hours or at least trying to🤣. Then today one of our team members spent 2 more hours on the road to get it to the amazing The Hogsprickle Wildlife Carers - Wildlife advice, care and rehabilitation or Bev as we know her 🙂 Bev has been looking after 2 more Stoat kits so she knows what's needed in this case. In a lot of these cases our friends in Bat Rehabilitation Ireland are also involved and I am sure they will be helping out here too at some point.. It was well after 1 o'clock this morning before we all got home. A big thanks to all involved - proud of our teamwork, all with one thing in common: a respect and love for wildlife and conservation.

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