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Returned safely 🦉❤️

So we have been out doing our surveys on nest sites over the last few weeks. Yesterday we were on a site we found at the start of the year. And look what greeted us as we came up the stairs a beautiful juvenile Barn Owl that had fallen out of its nest. It would have died if we had not payed a visit as the parents would not feed it once it was on the ground 😔. This happens a lot... this nest site is not ideal and the juveniles can easily get to a hole in the roof and can end up on the ground. This worked out well in the end for this little one as I don't think it was out of the nest for long. As soon as I put it back it ran over to its brothers and sisters... 4 of which that I could see 😊.

We will return to the site in a few days to make a few modifications to stop them falling out again. Then we will put a perment fix in place as soon as the juveniles fledge this year. Nothing more heart breaking then visting a nest site and finding a young Barn Owl dead at the foot of the nest 😔. We work all year round with property and land owners to protect these beautiful birds. If you know of any Barn Owls in your area please report them to the Barn Owl project

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