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WE HAVE SOME GREAT News!!!! this morning we have young on one of our soft release sites from last year. This just shows that hard work pays off. The Barn Owl project team in this area are working with the Estate owner and the Dairy farm manager. We spoke to the owner last year, they have never had Barn Owls on the estate. We covered the land for up to 10km around looking for signs of Owls. We put a plan together for a soft release site. We started by fitting 8 nest boxes. We spoke to the farmer on what was needed, the land is well looked after with plenty of rough grass and big trees still in place 😊.

The owner gave us an old Barn to use for the release site and we took a lot of ideas from our friends in the UK : The Barn Owl Trust ❤️. We installed 3 live cameras to monitor the owls. This would give us the best chance of knowing how the owls were doing before being released back in to the wild. In the end tsed. We have been keeping a close eye on the area and reported sightings from people in the areas around the estate - seeing Barn Owls for the first time and that they were coming in regularly 😃. And this morning the great News is that we have young Barn Owls born on the eatate ❤️❤️. As I have been saying hands on work pays off 🦉🦉. A big thank you to all the team on this one, the farm manager and the estate owners 😊

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