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Collaboration between the Barn Owl project and the Barn Owl trust teams

We were delighted today to get to talk to some of our friends in the Barn Owl trust. David Ramsden MBE one of the founders of the trust in Britain and Mateo Ruiz Conservation and Science Officer. We spent 2 hours talking about everything to do with Barn Owls both in Britain and Ireland. It was great to hear from individuals that have been involved in conservation for so long and hearing all they have learned along the way. David is very passionate about the world we live in and the bigger picture when it comes to conservation. Also great to hear about the research and field work from Mateo. I can't underestimate the help David and the Barn Owl trust team have been to our project in Ireland over the last few years . We have also confirmed that we can use all their research and documentation to the benefit of our project in Ireland. We will be adding links to everything on our new website like videos on nest box builds, fitting nest boxes, land management, information for kids... this is all free of charge for everyone .

They have been helping Barn Owls since 1988 and have a wealth of experience to share the future of conservation is collaboration between groups passing on what they have learned from past experiences. Thanks again to David and the Barn Owl trust team ❤️🦉

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