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In the last few weeks we have been asked to have a look at two old buildings before one was knocked and and second was being refurbished. Both sites ended up having nesting Barn Owl in residence. Fair play to the property owners in these cases as they stopped work once we did our survey and highlighted the nest site . Every year we have a few cases of Barn Owls in Ireland being killed or the bird's being displaced from the nest sites while having young . The right way to go about this is to get the site checked before work takes place. This in no way means you can't do the work... as an example: If it's in the breeding season, work has to stop until all the young have left the site. We would put up nest boxes in the area to replace the lost nest that was caused by the building works. If its an old building it would be best to contact your local ranger to ask for advice definitely if the buildings are going to be demolished . This could save a lot of problems in the long term with planning and NPWS. I don't know anyone that wouldn't want Barn Owls on their property so by putting a plan together long before the work starts is always best. By following a sample plan you may be able to get the work done and retain the Barn Owls on your site. Thanks to our sponsors Drone works Ireland for the tools to do this job #teamwork #earthdayeveryday

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