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The Barn Owl Project was set up in January 2019 to help with conservation of Barn Owls in Ireland. The founder of the project, now Director, John Carrig is a published wildlife photographer and has been involved in wildlife conservation and rescue for many years.

The Barn Own Project  is working on many fronts locating unregistered nest sites so the juveniles can be ringed and documented.

We believe if you can get the local communities involved in conservation we stand a chance of at least slowing the rate at which wildlife is disappearing from Ireland. We educate by giving school/community talks, working with farmers and landowners on how to promote Barn Owls in their areas . One of the main problems facing Barn Owls in Ireland is secondary poisoning, lack of nest sites, and road collisions (the biggest).


We work with like-minded organisations on rewilding and habitat renewal. Setting up groups in each county to drive the project is one of our key goals.

We hope, in time, to emulate and collaborate with the Barn Owl Trust in the UK.



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